Hear from Metrix Members

A Journey of Abundance

For Ryan, what sets Metrix apart from other programs, is the vibrant community of individuals united by a shared commitment to growth. Despite diverse backgrounds, they all contribute to a culture of continuous learning and mutual support.

Transformative Growth

Kyle and Casey were looking at how to break through their own ceilings of achievement. With Metrix, they found themselves not only growing as business owners but also as individuals with a clearer vision for their lives and family.

Bridging the Gap

Zach and Mariana discovered that success isn’t just about professional achievements; it’s about nurturing one’s energy, health, and mindset. Metrix became the conduit through which they bridged the gap between initial success and true greatness.

Design Your Future

Metrix has provided the space for Sharon and Brian to explore their future aspirations, not just in business but also in life. From envisioning their roles in later years to strategizing for family & team success, Metrix became a catalyst for profound change.

A Community for Holistic Growth

Mike Nelson, founder of Integrity Home Group of eXp in Colorado, was in search of a higher-level community of producers and bigger thinkers. After exploring various business coaching avenues, he stumbled upon Metrix and hasn’t looked back since.

From Business to Friendship

Meet Metrix Masterminds member, Erica Timko, Team Lead at TRG Homes powered by Keller Williams. Erica shares her remarkable journey to Metrix and how this unique group has enriched her life and business.

Growth & Wealth Preservation

Rebecca joined Metrix Masterminds in September 2019. Fast forward to almost four years later, and she is a testament to the program’s transformative impact on her life and business.

Shelby Ryburn

The MORE Real Estate Group
Greater Sacramento, California

Kimberlee Meserve

Street Property Team
Boston, Massachusetts

Martin Bouma

The Bouma Group Realtors
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Metrix Masterminds has changed my life and I couldn’t be where I am without the mentorship of Brian Gubernick, Ben Kinney, and all my friends at Metrix!

If you want to grow, surround yourself with people who support you through good and bad, push you always and make you want to be better everyday!! I am lucky to have amazing friends.”

– Yosseff Roman

“Metrix coaching is by far the best coaching we can get in this industry”

– Andy Mazzolini

“Ben and Brian have totally different personalities, both exceptional at articulating content in a way that makes you think and enables you to process the information to ensure you walk out the door with tangible takeaways. What most may not know though is how approachable each of them are. If you get stuck on a concept, they’ll be the first to drown out the noise around them to address your need, regardless of how many are in the room. And that’s why this feels like a partnership, not just a group. That’s what makes Metrix special.”

– Shelby Ryburn

“Some of my best friendships have developed from the Metrix Masterminds group – and the leveling up that is happening in terms of leadership, growth, wealth & tax strategies are simply mind boggling.

I’m so grateful for this community and it’s leaders – Ben and Brian for putting this group together. ”

– Jay White

“Thankful for my Metrix training family! Being around these great leaders was everything I needed! Now I’m ready to go back and implement! Never stop learning! ”

– Keith James

“What a powerful room of business owners from across the country. Health, Wealth, Family and Business are at the core of everything we do there. The things I’ve learned in this room have challenged my thinking in ways I didn’t even realize I truly needed. ”

– Emily Duarte

“The two best real estate coaches ever. What a team! ”

– Josh Berkley

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